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Webster's New 20th Century Dictionary:
"ecumenical"--of or from the whole world
A tremendous price was paid by the Reformers who traded their very lives to uphold the Scriptural truths which formed the True Church.
Time was, when the True Saints of God placed a high value upon the liberty of preaching the True Gospel, which had been so dearly fought for during the Reformation.
What was the Reformation?   Why was a Reformation needed?
The Vatican is a political State in Italy where the pope rules as the Chief of Staff, ruling nearly 800 million Roman Catholic people.
Regardless of the country they were born in, the Vatican considers every baby baptized into the Roman Catholic church to be also a citizen of Rome.
In Catholic art, you will very often see a hand signal, with the
forefinger and second finger extended in a V.   This "V" does not stand for "victory" as did Churchill's
"V" during WW11.
It stands for the Two Pillars of Papal Authority.    The pope claims to have total dictatorial control over the entire world.   Both in the realm of the Secular  (Politics) and the Spiritual (the church).
The Inquisition lasted for over 600 years.  
In every country in Europe, the pope demanded, and got, the authority over every country, every king.
San Francisco Chronicle, Wed. January 11, 1984
U.S.-Vatican Resume Full Diplomatic Ties
Washington---The United States and the Vatican established full diplomatic relations yesterday FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 117 YEARS.
The step, announced here and at the Vatican, was described by officials of the Reagan adminisration as an attempt to improve communications at a time when Pope John Paul 11 has become increasingly involved in international affairs.
But it touched off strong criticism among Protestant groups, as well as some Jewish and human rights groups, who assailed the move as a violation of the traditional separation of church and State.
President Reagan announced that he would nominate William A. Wilson, a California industrialist and real estate developer, to serve as the U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See.  Wilson, 69, is a longtime friend of the President and has been Reagan's personal representative to the Vatican since 1981.------Establishment of full diplomatic ties with the Vatican was made possible by a move of Congress last year lifting a prohibition on diplomatic relations enacted in 1867.----In November,--when Congress repealed the 1867 ban, there was no debate in either the House or the Senate, and therefore there was little public attention the the Action.
Our Christian leaders, who once walked the straight, narrow and uncompromising Road, have been blinded by the dazzling light of deception.
What does the Vatican mean by the word "ecumenism"?  What are its goals? 
June 5, 1960, the pope established "Secretariat for the Union of Christians" 
 "By ecumenical movement, we mean" says the Decree on Ecumenism of the Second Vatican Council, "the activities and initiatives which, according to the various necessities of the church, and the favorable circumstances of the times,are raised up and organized for the promotion of the unity of Christians."
If all Catholics, with prudence and patience, under the vigilance of their pastors, will work in this magnificent ecumenical apostolate, by this method, little by little, the obstacles which impede perfect ecclesiastical communion will be overcome.
"All Christians will unite in a single celebration of the eucharist, in that unity of the one and only church, which Christ gave from the beginning to his church, and which we believe exists without defect in the Roman Catholic church, and which we trust, will grow from day to day until the end of the age".
The Roman Catholic authorities have declared that all other religious systems were formed by their founders as fully conscious acts of rebellion.
The leaders of the ecumenical movement claim their goal is for everyone to get together in harmony.
But it really  is a one-way street, to
bring Protestants from their "error" and "rebellion" and "revolt" back
under the despotic "authority" claimed by the pope. 
The present ecumenical campaign, which has been in existance for several years, differs little from the
aims of the Inquisition.  Take advantage of the times and present mentality of the people existing today,
to re-establish a total control over all who call themselves "Christians".
They even got Billy Graham.
Billy Graham used to fill his sermons with the fiery declaration: 
"The Bible says!   The Bible says!"
He hasn't done that for years.
Did you ever wonder why in recent years, in the entire visible Protestant church in America, the leadership has collapsed into powerlessness and compromise and denial of the Truth of Christ and scandals of corruption?
The answer is, they forsook the Bible, and compromised the Gospel Message, and began to seek public popularity by joining in the ecumenical compromise.
Rochester, MN.  (AP)
A spokesman for Billy Graham confirms the evangelist played a behind-the-scenes role in President
Reagan's decision to establish formal diplomatic relations with the Vatican.
Early in 1983, Graham was asked by the President  and Adviser William
Clark "to make informal, private inquiries among evangelical Protestant leaders about likely response to such an action," said Donald Bailey, Media Director for Graham.
Evangelical ldeaders contacted by Graham at a the request of Clark included the Rev. Jerry Falwell,head of Moral Majority;  The Rev. Pat Robertson, head of Christian Broadcasting Network; the Rev. Billy Marvin, Executive Secretary of the National Association of Evangelicals;  the Rev. David Hubbard, President of Fuller Theological Seminary, and the Rev. Gilbert Beers, Editor of "Christianity Today" magaxine.  Moderate evangelicals were described by Graham as "presenting few problems."
John Paul 11 visited Turkey and talked with Orthodox church leaders.
Whn he returned to St. Peter's, he told the  2000 peope gathered in St. Peter's Square:
I want to express joy for the visit I made to the sister church in Constantinople and Patriarch Dimitrios 1 on the Solemn feast of St. Andrew the Apostle, who is the patron of the church." 
"We must overcome the divisions that have separated us since the 11th century and seek again a coming together and reunion."
January, 1982, Castel Gandolfo, Italy
Pope John Paul 11 on Monday met privately with Lord Michael Ramsey, former Archbishop of Canterbury, the Vatican announced.  Vatican sources described the hourlong meeting at the pope's summer villa here as
"extremely cordial".
The Pontiff met in Ghana last year with present Archbishop of Canterbury Robert Runcie, spiritual leader of the world's sixty-five million-strong Anglican Communion.  The pope is scheduled to visit Britain next summer--more than four centuries after King Henry V111's dispute with the Vatican split the English church from Rome.  John Paul will be the first reigning pope to visit Britain.

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