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The Word of the Lord tells us that the Devil is
very desirous of sitting on God's throne.
The Roman Catholic Church is indeed the actual throne of Satan in the Universe. 
Is that to outrageous a statement?
Satan was most certainly cast down to this Earth to reside until his final judgment was executed upon him
and his followers.
 The Devil needs to
acquire the hearts of men so as to enact his "doctrines of demons" upon all those who choose
to ignore the Truth of the Creator. 
 Satan's strategy in his war against God is  to take over the "christian"
church, claim to be in charge, and
impose satan's dictatorship over men's souls.  Preach fear and torment and pagan practices and call
it the Gospel.  Put chains on men's souls while claiming to be  the authority of Christ.
Are the popes and leading authorities of the Roman Catholic church truly  possessed by this fallen angel called Satan?
Do the Roman Catholic Popes really, actually, claim to be Jesus Christ
Do they really preach they are
"another god on earth?" Are they truly exposing their possession by openly declaring that which
Satan desires?


Read These Quotes.  These Statements Are Historically Verified as True Actual Statements.  They Are Not Made Up.

"The Pope is not only the representative of
Jesus Christ, he is Jesus Christ himself, hidden
under the veil of flesh." Catholic National July
"We hold upon this earth the place of God
Almighty" ...Pope Leo XIII
  • "We, define, declare, assert that it is absolutely necessary to salvation that every human creature be subject to the Roman Pontiff..." Boniface VIII
  • "....Union of minds, therefore, requires complete submission to the will of the church, and to the pontiff, as to God himself.." Leo XIII

  • "For thou art the shepherd, thou art the
    physician, thou art the director, thou art the
    husbandman, finally thou art another God on
    earth." Labbe and Cossart's "History of the
    Councils." Vol. XIV, col. 109

    The title "Lord God the Pope" is found within a
    gloss of Extravagantes of Pope John XXII, title
    14, chapter 4,  In an Antwerp edition of the
    Extravagantes, the words, "Dominum Deum Nostrum
    Papam" (Our Lord God the Pope) can be found in
    column 153. In a Paris edition, they are found
    in column 140.
    Roman Catholic Canon Law stipulates through Pope
    Innocent III that the Roman pontiff is "the
    vicegerent upon earth, not a mere man, but of a
    very God;" Decretales Domini Gregorii
    translatione Episcoporum, (on the transference
    of Bishops), title 7, chapter 3; Corpus Juris
    Canonice (2nd Leipzig ed., 1881), col. 99;
    (Paris, 1612), tom. 2, Devretales, col. 205
    "All the names which are attributed to Christ in
    Scripture, inplying His supremacy over the
    church, are also attributed to the Pope."
    Bellamin, "On the Authority of Councils," book
    2, Chapter 17.
    For a larger list of "words of the beast"
    relating to this prophecy, see this page...


    Check out 11 Thessalonians 2:4

    That man of sin--the son of perdition, opposes and exalts himself above all that is called god, or is worshipped; so that he, as god, sits in the temple of god, showing himself that he is god.

    The pope's claim that he is Christ, under the veil of the flesh, has the authority of Christ, and is infallible,

    (only as God can be infallible)

    fulfills this prophesy and brands

    the pope as the "man of sin"--the anti-Christ.

    Can this get any clearer?

    Acai Berry
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